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Port Canaveral West Turning Basin Corner Cut-Off




Space Coast, FL


JP Donovan Construction was the prime contractor for the excavation and removal of over 900,000 cubic yards of soil cut-off the corner of the West Turning Basin at Port Canaveral. The Corner Cut-Off is the first part of a critical plan to improve navigation for larger ships entering and using the port. Extensive planning and coordination with state and local environmental agencies, Port Authority ship traffic, Port security and numerous local agencies was required to maintain a functioning and active port during this project.

Project Highlights:

  • Excavation of approximately 360,000 cubic yards of upland material
  • 549,000 cubic yards of dredging
  • Spoils recovery for fill material
  • Fishing fleet Basin land reclamation
  • Stockpiling of excess spoils
  • Silt protection and monitoring
  • Removal and installation of shoreline protection structure’s
  • Salvage and demolition
  • Grading and landscaping

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