About JP Donovan Construction CompanyJ.P. Donovan Construction is a general contracting firm that has been providing a wide range of industrial engineering and construction services for clients in California and Florida for twenty seven years. Based in Rockledge, Florida; JP Donovan Construction is committed to delivering a quality service that provides a superior value for our client’s resources.

As a third generation contractor, J.P. Donovan Construction has an established reputation of successfully completing large complex projects on time and within budget while consistently meeting or exceeding our clients expectations. Specializing in Design/Build projects, our goal is to provide a cost effective, timely, and complete solution with integrity and accuracy.

Each project is approached as a joint effort between the client, design and construction teams. Our efficient work standard and persistence in problem solving has proven to provide a greater value to our customers. Our goal is to cultivate long term relationships with our clients by being a part of their successes and providing them the greatest value for budget.


JP Donovan is an equal opportunity employer.




09 09 2015 Jr Presentation


JP Donovan’s commitment to safety was recognized by NASA and the Launch Pad 39B Operations Team.  Junior Kiser of JP Donovan assisted  another contractor that was bitten by a rattle snake on the pad.

We would like to thank “Mr. Odell (Junior) Kiser for the outstanding service he provided to the individual bitten by the snake yesterday on Pad B.  Mr. Kiser’s experience and vast knowledge of hazardous wild life assisted him in providing superior service to the individual and keeping them calm throughout the event.  Due to his dedication to team work and instinctive reactions, we would like to recognize Mr. Kiser for going above and beyond in assisting the employee and medical professionals during the incident.  His actions are a true testament to our BeyondZero safety culture and team atmosphere we create on a daily basis.”  Dean Primavere, Jacobs Technology Area Integrator, Pad B Operations