What JP Donovan Provided

Relevant Technical Task Orders:

  •   Fabrication and erection of 480 tons of structural steel in the Base including multiple 25 foot deep girders
  •   Fabrication and erection of 1,800 tons of structural steel in the 240 foot tall main tower
  •   Fabrication and installation of 400 feet of 36 inch to 60 inch diameter Ignition Over Pressure sound suppression water piping
  •   Fabrication and installation of 1,100 feet of cryogenic lines for liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen
  •   Installation of 8,000 feet of pneumatic and hydraulic piping and tubing
  •   6.6 million dollars of electrical power, signaling, communication, fire alarm, oxygen deficiency monitoring, and hazardous gas detection
  •   Planning, implementation, and support during complete system integration testing and validation.
  •   Aft Skirt access platform installation and validation of Base structure interfaces
  •  Complete HVAC and ECS fabrication, installation and validation
Cryogenics For SLS Mobile Launcher

Northrop Grumman