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Due to the delicate nature of cryogenic systems, all pipe spools are maintained and kept clean throughout the process of installation. All lines are purged with dry GN2 to prevent moisture or other contaminants from entering the inner pipe and the annular space. Vacuum levels of pipe spools are also maintained with vacuum pumps and equipment that are equipped with safety check valves to mitigate oil contamination in the systems.

All welding of cryogenic piping and components is performed in a controlled environment with a dedicated clean work area. Welded cryogenic piping and components are examined by radiograph, dye-penetrant, and/or visual inspection per severe cyclic conditions of ASME B31.3.

Cryogenics For SLS Mobile Launcher


John Donovan

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Cryogenics For SLS Mobile Launcher
Flame Trench Refurbishment And Fabrication Of Main Flame Deflector For Launch Complex 39B
Modification Of The Ares-I Mobile Launcher For The SLS
Kennedy Space Center, Launch Pad 39B