Announcing new Chief Operating Officer of JPD

JP Donovan is proud to announce the recent promotion of Mike Taylor to Chief Operating Officer.

Mike has been a part of the JP Donovan team for the past 14 years and has shown exceptional work ethic, leadership, and project management skills. Mike has successfully managed hundreds of millions of dollars in NASA & Department of Defense contracts with zero claims. His open communication and notable honesty is highly respected by our government customers.

As JPD expands its’ Aerospace & Department of Defense business, we believe now is the perfect time to advance Mike’s position within our company. He will oversee all future work while also serving as a mentor to our project managers, engineers, and all field personnel. Mike understands the importance of the JPD culture and will work to ensure that this is maintained moving forward.

Mike will be working alongside John in the daily management of JP Donovan Construction, JPD Fabrication, and JPD Machining.


“My family and I have selected Mike Taylor to help carry JP Donovan forward. We are extremely proud of his accomplishments and development over the past 14 years.”

John donovan, president